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VIDEO: Cornelia Guest Talks Vegan Menus and Easy Entertaining

VIDEO: Cornelia Guest Talks Vegan Menus and Easy Entertaining

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The author of 'Simple Pleasures' doles out her tips to The Daily Meal’s Ali Rosen

According to Cornelia Guest, her new book Simple Pleasures "contains wonderful recipes that are easy, affordable, fun to do with kids, and an opportunity to introduce people to the wonderful bounty that Mother Nature gives us and to show that vegetables can be delicious."

Guest only creates menus that are vegan. Her idea is to enlighten guests that vegan food is just delicious food, despite the lifestyle aspect of it.

"People are scared to entertain," said guest. "Cooking and entertaining go hand in hand. You cannot spend 12 hours in the kitchen preparing and then when people are arriving, you’re still in there and won’t get to enjoy yourself."

Guest thinks it’s imperative for hosts to be able to host parties both elaborate and simple, and to do it successfully. In order to do that you have to know your limits and time yourself well. After that, it’s a cinch!