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Tosca cake dessert

Tosca cake dessert

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I always start by preparing the cream to have time to cool down.

Cream: In a saucepan put the yolks with the sugar and mix them well. Add the starch, then gradually the milk and mix so that no lumps form.

Put the pot on low heat and stir continuously until the composition thickens.

Let the cream cool for a few minutes, then add the butter and vanilla essence. Let it cool completely, and in the meantime take care of the countertop. After the cream has cooled completely, mix the whipped cream and incorporate it into the cream.

Rock: Mix the egg whites with the salt powder, then gradually add the sugar and continue mixing. Add in the rain flour mixed with baking powder, then poppy seeds and coconut. Stir gently, from bottom to top, until incorporated.

Wallpaper the tray with baking paper, pour the top, level it and put the tray in the preheated oven. Let it cook over low heat until it browns a little on top, then let it cool.

We line the tray in which we baked the top with food foil, we put the top and over it we pour the completely cooled cream.

Quickly soak the biscuits in the coffee and place them over the cream.

Glaze: Put all the ingredients in a bowl and melt them over low heat.

Pour the slightly cooled icing over the biscuits, level it and let it cool for a few hours.

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