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Gravity cake

Gravity cake

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Here is the recipe with the step by step procedure to prepare the gravity cake! In this period, the anti-gravity cakes are trendy must-haves of cake designers and expert confectioners, loved for birthdays, especially by children who will be amazed by the balancing game :) Gravity cakes are nothing but classic decorated cakes as if to seem to have a part suspended in the void, a really cute visual effect. The following is a tutorial to make a gravity cake with a cascade of m & m's, I chose to use a cocoa paradise cake as a base and a custard filling by adding white chocolate flakes, but of course you can use the base you prefer (even a simple pan of Spagna) and the filling of your choice (even simple Nutella). I covered the dessert with a chocolate ganache, but you can also opt for whipped cream or sugar paste. Furthermore, you can change the subject as you like, for example by replacing the M & M's sachet and the related cascade of pralines with another type of envelope, or can, or something else light, perhaps creating the related sketches in sugar paste. . All this in fact will depend on the tastes of the birthday boy and on your creativity. Keep in mind that for the anti-gravity effect you will not need special tools, but only a straw and a skewer, so it is a dessert that is truly within everyone's reach. I would say that is all, hoping to have been as clear as possible, I leave you to today's recipe and I wish you a good start to the week.


How to make gravity cake

Prepare the two cocoa heaven cakes following this recipe
Prepare the Montersino custard following this recipe

Prepare the chocolate ganache.
Coarsely chop the dark chocolate (200 g).

Then bring the cream to a boil in a saucepan, turn off the heat, add the chocolate and turn to mix.

Let it cool, then put it in the fridge to make it very cold.

Once cooled, whisk it with a whisk.

At this point you can start assembling the cake.
Cut the cakes horizontally to make 3 discs from each.

Prepare a syrup by boiling water, sugar and rum (or another alcoholic you like) for a few minutes and use half of it to brush the first layer, after placing it on a very large serving dish.

Add the cream, distribute it evenly, then sprinkle half of the chopped white chocolate over it.

Cover with the second disc, press lightly to distribute the filling better and repeat the process: wet, cream, chocolate.

Close with the third disc and press lightly to distribute the cream better.

Do the same thing with the 14 cm cake.

Use the ganache to glaze the first cake
Then place the smaller cake in the center of the large one (with the help of a couple of cake spoons) and glaze this too. Use a part of the remaining ganache to "glaze" also a portion of the serving dish, about a palm wide or of the size you prefer.

Create a palisade of togo around the cake, attaching them to the ganache before it solidifies.

Add a clean ribbon or string to help keep the shape, then create the m & ms cascade, attaching them to the ganache (if necessary, help by sprinkling the back of the pralines with a little melted chocolate to stick them better).

Now you will need the straw, skewer and sachet of m & m's.
The skewer will be inserted into the straw and the sachet will be stopped near the folded part of the straw with a little tape that you will put inside the opening of the bag.

Insert the straw into the cake and sprinkle it with a generous layer of the remaining ganache.

Then start sticking the m & m's along the straw, helping yourself with some melted chocolate (the 100 g left).

Add the bag on top of the straw and serve your gravity cake.

Video: Τούρτα γενεθλίων Mu0026Ms αντι-βαρύτητας - Illusion Cake - Gravity Mu0026Ms Cake Ι by Angeliki Paitari (September 2022).


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