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KFC Donated $15,000 to Late Food Critic Josh Ozersky’s Memorial Fundraiser

KFC Donated $15,000 to Late Food Critic Josh Ozersky’s Memorial Fundraiser

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The fast food restaurant confirmed the donation to the GoFundMe page, which is raising money for a memorial bench

More than three-fifths of the fundraising money came from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Three years ago, Josh Ozersky, the provocative food critic well-known for his staunch culinary opinions (with which many disagreed), published the Bible on KFC: Colonel Sanders and the American Dream. Ozersky died suddenly earlier this month, sending a shockwave of grief through the restaurant community. Now a fundraiser for a bench memorial has been set up by Ozersky’s widow Danit, and, perhaps in finger-lickin’ gratefulness to Ozersky’s commitment to the Colonel, KFC donated $15,000 to the cause.

In total, just shy of $25,000 has been raised in memory of Ozersky on the GoFundMe page, meaning that the majority of the amount came from America’s favorite fried chicken restaurant. KFC confirmed the donation, saying, “To one of food journalism's finest. Thank you, Josh. You will be missed.”

KFC was not the only recognizable name on the donor list: other contributors include Mario Batali, Katie Lee, Gavin Kaysen, and Danny Meyer. Contributions will go toward the installation and maintenance of a memorial bench and plaque in a Portland, Oregon, park. Any additional funds will be passed on directly to Ozersky’s family.

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