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Food Media Scholars Program Accepting Applications

Food Media Scholars Program Accepting Applications

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Longhouse Food Scholars, headed by Molly O’Neill, enters its third year

Here a student works on baking a pie at the LongHouse Scholars Program.

Calling all food writers/critics/photographers and cooks! The LongHouse Food Scholars program, headed by cooknscribble founder Molly O’Neill, is accepting applications for their summer sessions, in July and August. The program is the only food media-intensive training of its kind in the country, and takes students on a month-long residency in Rensselaerville, New York through growing their ingredients making recipes, researching, reporting and taking on the world of food journalism.

“A few years ago, so many people were asking me to be interns that I created this program where students can work in the field and learn from professionals,” O’Neill told us. “We teach by doing here. At the end of the program, students have a rockin’ portfolio and they gain confidence.”

Applicants are accepted from all over the world, and they range in age and experience from juniors in college to working professionals. The July session is for complete beginners, whereas the August session is for graduate students or people already working in the field. This year, the media scholars will help put together the LongHouse Food Revival Program in September. Alumni have gone on to work at outlets like Zagat, Serious Eats, NPR and Food 52.


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