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Raisins are hydrated in brandy and rum. Whisk the egg whites with a little lemon juice. When they become foam, gradually add the sugar and mix. Rub the yolks well with the citrus peel and vanilla sugar and then add the oil. The flour is mixed with the baking powder. Add the yolks to the egg whites, mix and then gradually add the flour and incorporate it easily from the bottom up.

Divide the composition into two equal parts and sift the cocoa. Add cocoa to one of the compositions or if you want, mix it first with the rum drained from the raisins to incorporate it more easily.

Wallpaper a suitable cake tray and proceed as follows: put a tablespoon of white composition, over it a tablespoon of cocoa composition, and white composition and so on until the dough is finished. Spread chopped walnuts, shit and raisins over each spoonful of dough.

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