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Stuffed rabbit, served with sauce

Stuffed rabbit, served with sauce

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Boil in salted water, heart, kidneys, rabbit lungs + pork entrails. Soak the slice of bread in water, then squeeze it well. Onions, 2 cloves of garlic, pepper and three quarters of mushrooms, cut them into slices. After the organs have boiled and cooled, we clean the skin of the skin and pass them through the meat machine, together with the bread and 2 cloves of garlic. Cut the green onion, dill and parsley into small pieces and mix it with the minced meat + the two raw eggs. The composition obtained is salted with salt and pepper.

The rabbit is washed well, wiped with an absorbent towel, then inside it we add the composition obtained above. We sewed the rabbit's belly with white cotton thread.

The rabbit thus stuffed, we rub it well, well with the mixture of spices for steaks, we place it in the tray, over the bed of sliced ​​vegetables, we place the mushrooms left whole, around it we sprinkle it well with oil, some parsley leaves and wine white.

Cover the tray with aluminum foil and pierce it with a toothpick in several places and put the rabbit in the hot oven over low heat for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Remove the tray, remove the aluminum foil, turn the heat to sea and put the rabbit in the oven for 10 ', to brown nicely.

We take the rabbit from the tray and leave it to cool on a plate. When it is cold, carefully remove the thread, with which we sewed it and cut it into slices.

The vegetables and the rabbit juice, we put them in the blender and we pass them. Add horseradish, greens, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. The sauce, thus obtained, is served next to it, or on the stuffed rabbit slice.

Good appetite !


In general, hard and harsh game meats require maturation in two stages: pheasanting and marinating. I told in pheasant steak recipe about fezandare - see here.

Marinating is done to further tenderize the meat and to flavor it. Our marinade is called pat or stain and has acidic (vinegar, lemon juice, wine) and aromatic components (bay leaves, peppercorns, etc.). Marinades can be cold or hot. The staining time depends on the age of the animal, the type of meat (piece) and its dimensions - whether it is a large piece or cut into slices, cubes, etc. The wild boar or deer need this marinade for 24-48 hours, but it takes the young deer 8-12 hours.

How to salt lean meat before cooking?

What annoys me about stains is that we all have "stas": with wine (often red), bay, pepper, onion. Then I don't want absolutely any game steak to have these tastes and flavors! That's how I decided to fry this venison pulp by keeping it in a simple brine (brine in lb. English) to help hydrate this lean meat without affecting its natural flavor. This brine is composed of 4 teaspoons of salt per liter of cold water. That's it!

I did just like the whole turkey steak (see here) dipping the venison or deer pulp in a large container with water and salt. It stayed in the fridge for 2 days. The meat must be well covered by the saline solution (possibly turn it over). The brine works wonders and the meat becomes extraordinarily tender. In addition, the meat will be salted moderately and deeply. I apply the same technique to the weak pork chop & # 8211 see here and here.

Other useful tips to get a tender and juicy venison steak it would be seasoning it 12 hours in advance and keeping it in the pantry (not in the fridge) as well as baking at low temperature (150 C) for 3-4 hours. You will see below how I proceeded and I assure you that this pulp was something of a dream! You could almost eat it with a fork.

A year ago I received another deer (male) which I prepared similarly (baked leg) and from the various pieces that fell into the shape I made a delicious paprika with cream served with steamed Slovak dumplings & # 8211 see here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 12 servings of roast deer with brandy sauce. It is delicious and cold the next day, cut into thin slices. Consider the following times: 48 hours in brine (in the fridge), 12 hours marinating with spices (in the pantry) and 3 1/2 hours baking in the oven.


Season the rabbit's back, cook until medium to raw, grease it with butter and distribute the parsley.

Peel the vegetables, cut them into strips and cook in salted water until al dente. Mix the sour cream and game soup and let it drop, add the ground paprika mixture.

Add the vegetables and distribute. Leave them to marinate, adding extra cream and white pepper as needed.

It serves. Slice the rabbit's back and place it on top.


You can use a similar method to prepare a rabbit soup and paprika.

How to make a rabbit dish with mustard and creamy mushroom sauce?

Ingrediente pentru rabbit with mustard with mushrooms and cream

I wiped the 2 rabbit legs well because I am going to fry them and I don't need moisture.

I salted and peppered them well on both sides and greased them with olive oil. I left them on the kitchen table for 30 minutes to reach room temperature. Never fry cold meats, taken straight out of the fridge because the muscle fibers suddenly contract and the meat hardens.

In the meantime, I cleaned, washed and chopped the onion and green garlic. I left some of their green tails aside to add to the end.

I washed the mushrooms and cut them into large pieces (quarters). They will drop to the basement anyway.

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