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Frittata like in the country

Frittata like in the country

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This recipe should almost never be reproduced, because it is so simple. But, for the culinary literature, still unbroken by inappropriate words, I will briefly recount how I came to this experience.

Peel a squash, grate it and chop it in hot oil. Meanwhile, chop the sausage into slices and cut the onion and garlic into small cubes, then mix with the egg and dill (chopped, but not very finely). After the potatoes have been returned to the pan, add the sausage slices and then, mixing, the composition of egg, onion, garlic and dill in which salt is added.

Remove all after browning enough and serve with sheep's cheese. I kept a little cold polenta for this dish, not the other way around, but the man from the country knows how to combine tradition, taste and the new even in a banal peasant frittata.

The taste has been great for days, and, more than likely, such a way is suitable for those on a fattening diet. :))

Good appetite!


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